The Executive Breakfast Club

The Executive Breakfast Club nurtures a select group of CEOs who focus on the big picture: they want to become better leaders not only of their companies and families, but also for larger societal causes to which they are committed.


At each meeting, a guest speaker leads a roundtable discussion on economic, social, technological and other trends that affect us today and will impact on our children’s world tomorrow.


We provide an opportunity to discuss with peers and experts the implications of these trends and discuss best practices for making the world a better place.


All fees are payable in the form of charitable gift donations.

The Program

The Executive Breakfast Club meets monthly, on the final Friday, for a 90-minute breakfast program, starting at 8 AM. The program includes a roundtable discussion led by a guest speaker and a brief networking lesson followed by networking opportunities. Speaker topics include:

  • Promoting Your Leadership Brand
  • Building a Commanding Strategy to Dominate Competition
  • Leading the Innovative Company that Unleashes People’s Creativity
  • Handling Today’s Greatest CEO Challenge: Complexity

Past Events

How to join

To attend the Executive Breakfast Club, all you have to do is donate online to the charity of your choice through and have a reciept of your donation emailed to us at Using this system, we’ve raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities!

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